Granola Butter and Celery

Granola Butter and Celery

Granola Butter and Celery


In the ever-evolving world of healthy snacks, some combinations stand out for their perfect balance of flavor and nutrition. Granola butter and celery is one such pairing that has quickly become a favorite among health enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Granola butter, with its creamy texture and rich, nutty flavor, offers a delightful contrast to the crisp, refreshing bite of celery. Together, they create a snack that's not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. Whether you're looking for a quick midday pick-me-up or a nutritious addition to your diet, granola butter and celery is a combination that's hard to beat.


1 Celery stalk

4 tablespoons of Oat Boss Original Granola Butter

Handful of raisins


1. Gather Your Ingredients

Grab fresh celery and granola butter.

2. Prepare the Celery

Wash the celery stalks thoroughly under cold running water to remove any dirt or debris. Trim the ends of the celery stalks and cut them into manageable pieces, typically 3-4 inches in length.

3. Spread the Granola Butter

Use a spoon or a small spatula to spread a generous amount of granola butter into the groove of each celery piece. Make sure to fill it evenly to ensure every bite is delicious.

4. Add Toppings (Optional)

For added texture and flavor, consider sprinkling some toppings over the granola butter.

Prep and Cook Time:

  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Servings and Yield

• Makes about 4 servings

Tips and Tricks

Choose Fresh Celery

  • Opt for firm, crisp celery stalks with bright green color. Avoid celery that looks wilted or has brown spots.

Cold Celery

  • For an extra refreshing snack, store your celery in the refrigerator before preparing. Cold celery adds a crisp, refreshing bite.

Prevent Sogginess

  • If you’re preparing this snack ahead of time, keep the granola butter and celery separate until ready to eat to prevent the celery from becoming soggy.


Flavor Variations

  • Experiment with different flavors of granola butter, such as adding a touch of cinnamon, vanilla extract, or cocoa powder for a unique twist.


  • Get creative with toppings. For a savory twist, sprinkle some sea salt or add a dash of chili flakes. For a sweeter option, drizzle a bit of honey or agave syrup.


How should I store the celery sticks

  • Store any leftover prepared celery sticks in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. To keep the celery crisp and fresh, consider storing the granola butter and celery separately and assembling them just before eating.

Author Bio

Jen Coen is a professional baker with over 10 years of experience in pastry arts. She has been featured in several culinary magazines and runs a popular baking blog.

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